In his words

One night in Las Vegas, in Setpember 2008, Michael spoke to me about the love he feels for his fans. He said:


"I know you guys wait for me and I feel so bad when I look down out of my hotel room and I see you all in the cold.  And I would take the blankets off my bed and give them to you because I feel so bad. And I send out pizza because I feel so bad. But I’m so shy. I grew up on stage. So when I’m on stage, I’m at home. I’m powerful. I can move mountains. But off stage, I’m so shy, I’m so shy, Oh Talitha, I’m so shy… I want to see you guys. I would love to be able to stand in front of you and say all of these things but I can’t do it.”




And yet he did do it. He conquered his shyness time and again to connect with us. Twice, he asked me to pass on messages to the fan community, once in December 2007. Here is the message I posted on the fan boards:


Hi everyone,

I was with Michael yesterday and he asked me to tell ALL his fans that he loves you all very much! He said:

“Tell all the fans that I love them very much… Tell them that I was very sorry that I had to postpone the event I was going to do with Al Gore in London. We had to postpone it but we are hoping to do it next year instead… I have so many exciting events planned for next year in Europe. I am going to release all the details real soon.”

He says he is working on music and writing new songs all the time and plans to release a series of singles, rather than an album next year – “because the music industry has changed so much and the day of going in a record store and buying an album is gone.” He and his children are looking forward to spending a magical family Christmas together.

Happy holidays!



A second time, in September 2008:


Michael asked me to give you all this message. He specifically asked me to put it on the Internet so that everyone hears it – so that’s what I’m doing. He says, “I love you all from the bottom of my heart. You’re a quintessential part of everything I do, of everything I create. I feel your purity and innocence from all across the world. I feel your love and it inspires me to create music every day. I love you all so much.”

XO From Talitha

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